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31020 Lancenigo TV

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Our core values



Active for 20 years, HARMOGE is a company that has acquired and developed important projects in the museum field. 
Our company offers fast response, planning and management skills, as well as coordination and an efficient customer support, guaranteeing compliance with assigned deadlines while maintaining high quality standards.
HARMOGE specialise in the conception, production and installation of museum furnishing, displays and showcases, tackling multidisciplinary projects with experience, enthusiasm and passion, dealing with different levels of technical complexity.



Over the years, HARMOGE has formed a complete, competent, constantly growing technical team, made up of highly qualified personnel. Architects, engineers, surveyors and designers take care of the projects, meticulously choosing the most technically appropriate solutions, while focusing on the quality of the details and durability of the furnishing produced.


HARMOGE is characterised by strong dynamism, flexibility and the ability to adapt perfectly to any kind of project, respecting the requests of the clients to fully meet their needs, through a product with high aesthetic, quality, and conservative standards.


Research and technological development are aims that HARMOGE pursues within its structure, paying particular attention to the conservation of the works displayed:

- Through the application of high-level microclimatic and hygrometric solutions;

- Through the design and test of innovative opening mechanisms and automation systems for museum displays, showcases and furnishing;

- Through the development of cutting-edge lighting solutions capable of bringing out the works of art and objects on display;

- Through the protection of works by integrating alarm and control systems into the projects.


HARMOGE has obtained the European certification ISO 9001, an internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems, awarded by the relevant bodies.




Our mission is to enhance and guarantee the conservation of the work of art on display within the spaces dedicated, in order to meet all the client's expectations.

Each project requires the development of customised technical solutions to please the needs of the client, without neglecting functionality, ergonomics of the shapes, proportions and aesthetics.

Our work rigorously pursues all phases of the museum fit-out project, from conception to development, from design to creation, paying particular attention to the installation phase in dedicated spaces, and fully enhancing the usability of precious exhibition spaces.



Headquarters and partnership

Harmoge carries out its activities in a space of 3000m2, divided into 400m2 allocated to offices, 1600m2 dedicated to production and pre-assembly operations, and 1000m2 to storage.
Being these components located in the same building allows for an exchange of technical information and continuous monitoring of production, which translates into a quality level capable of meeting the highest standards.

Harmoge is based in the industrial district of Treviso, a key area for the production of furniture, convenient for the easy supply of raw materials and semi-finished products for our production.
Targeted partnerships enrich the company, expert workers specialised in processing various materials complete and make competitive the offer of our company.


For years HARMOGE has represented a guarantee in terms of durability and safety of the product in the world of museography, being available for any customer need related to assistance, maintenance and/or integration and future changes.

The on-site presence of specialised workers, thanks to the experience gained over the years working in museum construction sites, contributes to the success of the project, while reducing the time dedicated to the installation phase.

Here at HARMOGE we pay extreme attention to the technical skills of the personnel during the installation step, from the protection of spaces to the handling of structures, from the installation to the finishing on the details.