Display case for Livre d'Heures of Francis I

Display case for Livre d'Heures of Francis I

Harmoge made for the Louvre Museum the permanent showcase in which is kept the precious "Livre d'Heures" belonging to Francis I of France.

In 2018, Harmoge created and installed for the Louvre Museum a security display case to house the extremely precious "Book of Hours" manuscript of François I of France, bound in gold, turquoise and rubies, and adorned with cornaline plaques on a gold background.
The work of art is in the Département des Objets d'Art du Moyen Âge, de la Renaissance et des Temps Modernes.
The "Book of Francis I" is a key book of the Renaissance. Its preciousness lies in its materials but also in its rarity.

Thanks to the Louvre Museum 

Louvre Museum

Département des Objets d'Art, Louvre Museum

Paris, France


Marco Zanta

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