Musée de la Libération - musée du général Leclerc - Jean Moulin and Catacombes de Paris

Musée de la Libération - musée du général Leclerc - Jean Moulin and Catacombes de Paris

Harmoge was responsible for the supply and installation of furnishing elements for the permanent exhibition of the Musée de la Libération (Musée du Général Leclerc - Jean Moulin). We also provided services in the areas relating to the entrance to the Paris Catacombs.

Harmoge carried out the permanent fitting out of the museum, supplying all the museographic furniture for the permanent exhibition.
This project includes the realization and installation of showcases in lacquered MDF and aluminium, secured, stone effect partitions and showcase interiors, full height partitions, a complex suspended multimedia composition in mirror stainless steel plated Plexiglas, and all the signage using different techniques and supports (engraving on wood, graphics on glass, steel, lacquered MDF, Dibond, transfer on lacquer, etc.)

In this building, in the R-2 (23 m. underground) is located a 1939 passive defence shelter used during the last week before the Liberation of Paris.
In terms of research, we worked on the technical design of showcases with the integration of the hygrometric regulator, to guarantee extreme watertightness, installed in rooms with a relative humidity of 100% and a temperature of 16°C. 
The solution adopted was to treat the display case in situ with an electrolytic humidity controller and regulator that can be integrated into any type of display case. 

As regards the services carried out in the part relating to the Catacombs, located in the Pavilion on the other side of the Liberation Museum, we mainly produced and installed graphics on the walls using Jet-tex, as well as graphics produced with direct UV printing on MDF panels.
We also supplied and installed two removable seats on self-locking castors with a lacquered finish.

Ville de Paris

Musée de la Libération - musée du général Leclerc - musée Jean Moulin

Paris, France


Marco Zanta

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