Appartement du Roi / Salle des verres - Louvre Museum

Appartement du Roi / Salle des verres - Louvre Museum

We carried out the permanent fitting out of the prestigious space of the King's Apartment located in the Glass Room, in the Sully Pavilion, at the Louvre Museum.

In 2021, we took care of the supply and installation of furniture for the permanent exhibition of the room called "Salle des Verres", located in the King's flat at the Louvre Museum. 
The fit-out project included the following elements:
- Steel showcases with epoxy powder finish, including Forex panels for displaying artwork, screens, or graphics incorporated, steel frame and Corian panel, made with extra clear anti-reflective safety glass 5.5.2.
- Corian print supports
- large display case on table, with epoxy powder coated steel frame and structure, and extra clear anti-reflection safety glass 5.5.2., including integration of silica gel to allow perfect preservation of the works on display, and integration of lighting. Epoxy powder-coated steel structure and oak top covering for the table. 

This space, devoted to the history of the Louvre during the Renaissance, tells the story of the royal establishment of the old palace under the Valois dynasty.

Thanks to the Louvre Museum 

E.P.M.L. Musée du Louvre

Musée du Louvre

Paris, France


Marco Zanta

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