D-day Landing Museum, Arromanches-les-Bains

D-day Landing Museum, Arromanches-les-Bains

Permanent fit-out on the two floors of the D-day Landing Museum, overlooking one of the scenes of the Normandy landings. The Harmoge team was in charge of the creation and installation of display cases and the shop / ticket office area furnishings.

For the permanent installation of the D-Day Landing museum in Arromanches les Bains, Normandy, Harmoge manufactured and installed various types of showcases, including free-standing and wall-mounted display cases with an iron structure, powder-coated finish, and extra-clear 5.5.2 laminated glass, with drawers especially made to integrate silicagel, and including the supply and integration of fans, as well as lighting devices.
A specific display case with tubular structure and mirror polished stainless steel covering in the lower part, and upper part in extra-clear 5.5.2 laminated glass, has been made in order to display an historical scale model. Harmoge also took care of the integration of multimedia material.
Mirror polished stainless steel was also used to create the paneling of a large table lower part, hosting another large scale historical model. 
Furnishing for the ticket counter and shop area was made of MDF stained black, with a transparent varnish: ticket counter, displays, shelving and trolleys for audioguides storage, cloakroom lockers, benches with leatherette upholstery, acoustic wall.
A recess, a curved projection wall and display podiums in painted MDF were also supplied to complete the fit-out.


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