Musée du Gévaudan, Mende

Musée du Gévaudan, Mende

HARMOGE carried out the permanent fit-out of the Musée du Gévaudan in Mende, France, which opened at the end of October 2022.

The works carried out by Harmoge at the Musée du Gévaudan included the realisation and installation of the permanent fit-out of the museum.
The project, entrusted to Harmoge by the city of Mende, involved the creation and installation on site of the interiors, museum furniture and showcases of different types, which you can appreciate in the photos. 

The work was carried out on the 3 floors of the museum:
- on the ground floor, an introductory area with free access, including the Centre for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage (CIAP) and the shop area;
- the first floor dedicated to the permanent exhibition;
- the second floor with spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions and an workshop area.

In particular, the showcases were made of extra-clear 5.5.2 glass, with a steel structure in an epoxy powder finish, and internal and external MDF cladding with a satin acrylic varnish finish.
Elements such as bases and pedestals, partitions, supports for art and for graphics, were made of MDF with a satin acrylic varnish finish.
Other elements were made of birch plywood (geographic maps), cut in our carpentry by CNC machine.
The furniture, sliding walls, seating and bench were also made of birch plywood.
Many elements also integrated audio-visual / multimedia elements. 

Ville de Mende

Musée du Gévaudan

Mende, France



François Payet

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